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Web-Dive.com developed a new tool which make available, completely free, dynamically news which could be consumed in other web sites. It could be customized several options of block creation and simply copy and paste the generated code to your site.

You can simply use our RSS feed located here: http://www.web-dive.com/rss/?lang=en. In that way you can configure, for example, your email client or the Google home page in order to have access to Web-Dive.com latest news.

Vertical format boxes are exactly 150 pixels in width; horizontal boxes are set at a width of 100% and will stretch themselves to fit any area.


Number of News:

Background Color:

Links Color:

Border Color:

Links Hover Color:

Sample of choosen configurations

If you are using this service, please take a moment to email your contact info and site to us.

If you require a different table format, please feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate any requests you have.


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